Slow Beauty - What a beautiful concept

Slow Beauty - What a beautiful concept

They've given us a name :)

"Slow Beauty"!

Ever since we started, we couldn't find a description that fully encapsulated our approach and our products. Saying it's organic was insufficient, natural wasn't adequate, and terms like ecological, sustainable, green, etc., didn't quite hit the mark.

Turns out, we were waiting for the term “Slow Beauty” to be articulated.

What does Slow Beauty mean?

"Slow Beauty brands are more inclined to produce products in small batches, using ingredients indigenous to the regions they originate from. They also produce through traditional, slower processing methods that generate less pollution. Slow Beauty products are multifunctional and holistic, designed to be used to the last drop."

Look at the beauty of this description... We wanted to embrace it, saying they have named what we couldn't.

We've only recently started hearing this term in the global beauty and personal care sector. We hope that it will become more widely known over time.

Among the limited "Slow Beauty" descriptions we researched, our favorite sentence was:

"Slow Beauty is a concept much broader than the green promises of conventional beauty brands, like only using recyclable packaging, reduced plastic, and natural ingredients. The formulas of the products, how ingredients are selected, harvested, and processed are also important."

The term Slow Beauty describes not just the producer but also the buyer.

For instance;

Conscious Consumption: This movement advises buyers to carefully select products that truly suit their needs and to avoid overconsumption.

Health and Wellness Focused: Slow Beauty focuses on skin health and overall well-being. This means beauty routines aim not just to improve appearance but also to enhance overall health and wellness.

Slow and Careful Care: Slow Beauty emphasizes care methods that offer real and healthy results over time, instead of products promising quick results.

In conclusion, this is exactly the perspective we have been looking at our work from the beginning. We have been producing with these principles.

And we try our best to explain to you at every opportunity that we need to shop with a "clean product - less product - multi-function" mindset, as we have no other choice to protect our health and our world.

We hope, in this era where the irritating label "consumer" is primarily attributed to us, we can find a platform where our voice is heard louder.

Of course, together, hand in hand…

Love to everyone who reads and takes the time.

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